Ph.D., Economics of Education, Stanford University
Thesis Title: Platform Design in Educational Contexts
Advisors: Ben Domingue, Eric Bettinger, Mitchell Stevens, and Nick Haber


M.S., Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University


B.S., Applied Mathematics, UCLA


B.S., Economics, UCLA

Publications and Conference Proceedings

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Research Partnerships

Yup- Yup is a text-messaged based tutoring company

Reup- Reup is a college-coaching company that encourages students to re-enroll in college after dropping out

Eneza- Eneza is a Kenyan learning platform that provides primary and secondary education via SMS and feature phones


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Skills and Programming Languages

Technical Skills: Social Network Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Causal Inference, Regression Analysis, Econometrics, and Psychometrics